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Tips For Selecting A Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Company

Here are some helpful tips to consider when searching for a lawn maintenance provider this spring.

What a homeowner should know (and ask) when you hire a Lawn Service Company.

Lawn Care Companies are as numerous as bugs in a garden. Which is the best, and most appropriate for you? Whether this is your first time hiring a professional to maintain your lawn and yard, or you are looking to replace your existing lawn care provider, here are some of the top issues you should consider.

Licensed and Insured: Homeowners should request to see a copy of these from any lawn care provider you intend to hire. Many companies advertise they are properly licensed and insured. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If a company cannot show you a copy of their License and Insurance, consider looking for another company that can. Also, you should ask if all employees are properly hired and paid on the books, not under the table. Companies that pay their employees under the table are avoiding taxes and put you and your property at risk if anything negative happens while they work on your property. To trust that nothing will go wrong, and leave yourself without recourse if it does, is a questionable way to save a few dollars.

Equipment: Residential yards require smaller equipment than large commercial properties. Make sure the company you hire is not putting an overly heavy zero-turn mower on your yard. That heavy mower can tear up your yard and create wheel ruts after only a few services. Ask the company what their policies are for general maintenance. All lawn equipment should be routinely checked to make sure it is running at peak operating performance. Equipment blades need to be sharpened regularly to avoid torn edges on grass tips that will turn brown.

Contracts: Some companies require clients to sign lawn and yard maintenance contracts to do business with them. This is always good for the company, but not necessarily good for you. These companies’ contracts often have financial penalties for the client if you decide for any reason to discontinue service. Really look and compare to see if signing a contract is a benefit to you.

Quality: Many lawn care companies over promise and under deliver. Ask a lawn care provider what their policy is if you are not satisfied and how might they remedy this. Lawn care companies should be willing to make it right unless your expectations are quite unreasonable. A great company wants ALL their customers to have a satisfying experience and will go to great lengths to achieve this outcome.

Services Offered: It’s a pain to have one company cut your grass, another company for aeration, and yet another company to do spring/fall clean-ups. Also, don’t forget you still need to find a company to do fertilizing. Make sure to ask upfront for a list of services a company offers before doing business with them. If a company doesn’t offer all the services you are looking for, ask them whom they would recommend. A great company will be able to give you a lead or recommend a company that provides the service they don’t offer.

Scheduling: Some lawn care providers don’t keep a regular schedule. Ask the lawn care provider what day of the week your regularly scheduled lawn service will be on, and how weather delays are dealt with. Occasionally lawn care companies may have to change a schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (such as equipment breakdown, traffic difficulties, or health issues). Ask the potential company how they deal with such events.

To Summarize: Think through your needs and wants in a lawn and landscape company. Ask your questions that best pertain to your lawn care objectives. Go with your gut. Then relax and enjoy it. Communicate with your maintenance company and if necessary, the top man, when something is amiss. Please give them a chance to correct any problem areas, before you decide to drop them. If a change is necessary, no regrets, just move on.

If you vet all potential lawn and landscape providers prior to hiring, most likely, you’ll make a great choice the first time around. Here 's to a great growing season!



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