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Terms of Service – Lawn Maintenance


Mowing. Every mowing service includes trimming, edging along sidewalks and driveways, and blow-off of all walkways and paved areas adjacent to the lawn. The mowing direction is rotated regularly and cut with sharpened blades. The mowing height is set between two and a half (2½) inches to three and a half (3½) inches high depending on climate and turf conditions. Grass clippings will be sustainably mulched into the lawn or bagged for removal.


Overgrowth. Grass over six (6) inches tall or edging overhanging the sidewalk is considered overgrown and is subject to an additional fee at our hourly rate as described under our Cleanups section. Unfortunately, we don’t mow lawns over twelve (12) inches due to the limitations of our mowers. Sometimes, overgrown lawns can’t be bagged due to the clogging of our mowers. It may take several more mows before your lawn will look good again.


Watering. Wet grass is very hard to mow and may prevent us from delivering a beautiful mow. Please don’t water your lawn the night before or the morning of your scheduled mowing day. Please ask us and we can assist you with programming your watering schedule for the best irrigation practices.


Trees and Fences. Although we use caution, please protect the base of your trees or fences with a wrap or protective sleeve. LawnScapes of Billings LLC is not responsible for scuffs or scars to trees or fences due to the use of a string trimmer.


Lawn Care Program. We may call one (1) day before any Lawn Care Program (fertilizing, integrated pest management, etc.) as a reminder of the scheduled service. Keep people and pets off the lawn for a minimum of four (4) hours following a lawn treatment. Read and follow ALL directions posted on your door or signs in the yard. Pesticides, however mild, can be dangerous to humans and pets as exposure may lead to injury or illness. LawnScapes of Billings LLC is not responsible for any such injury or illness as a result of not following the recommendations or directions.


Cleanups. Cleanups are customized for your specific needs and may include: leaf or miscellaneous debris removal, preparation of beds and rock areas, spring or winter preparation of ornamental grasses and plants, removal of pine needles, etc. Cleanups are billed at our hourly rate per man hour and are subject to a debris haul away and disposal fee of $12 per cubic yard.


Scheduling. For route efficiency, most services are set on a scheduled day, but not a particular time. We will notify you of your mowing day. As our mowing schedule fills out, you may notice that we arrive around the same time each week. Lawn Care Program treatments may be on the same day as your mowing.  Lawn Maintenance dates are subject to change.


Pets and Gates. Pets must be indoors and gates must be unlocked on the day of service. If we cannot mow the back yard due to a locked gate, the customer will still be charged the full agreed-upon lawn maintenance fee. We are very careful about closing gates and attempt to close all gates opened for service, but can’t guarantee that a pet will not escape. Please double check all gates before letting your pet out after we have serviced your property. LawnScapes of Billings LLC is not responsible for lost or injured pets.


Yard Debris. The customer agrees to clear all turf areas of all major debris, children's toys, hoses, and pet feces before every service. We reserve the right to cancel service and charge a $10 trip fee should there be an unreasonable amount of debris or pet feces in the yard.


Delays and Weather. Weather delays are rescheduled for the next workable business day. Should an emergency or any circumstance outside of our reasonable control prevent us from servicing your property, you will be contacted and service will be rescheduled as soon as possible.



1. LawnScapes of Billings LLC provide lawn maintenance for a calendar month. 

2. LawnScapes of Billings LLC invoice the customer though e-mail on the 1st of the following month.

3. The customer has until the 4th to review this invoice. 

4. LawnScapes of Billings LLC process the customer's payment on the 5th.

5. LawnScapes of Billings LLC e-mails the customer the paid invoice for their records. Please call us if there are any questions.


Declined Cards. In the event that a card is declined, we will try the card again the following day. If the card does not go through a second time, the customer’s services will be suspended until we are able to reach you. If you respond quickly with another working credit card, we will promptly put you back on the schedule.


Pre-Payments. Should a customer pre-pay for services and cancel before the agreed-upon end date a refund shall be paid to the customer for services not rendered on a pro-rated basis. The percentage discount the customer received for services already rendered will be taken as a penalty for early cancellation and subtracted from the refund.


Collections. Any account showing ninety (90) days past due will be sent to collections with a finance fee of 3% per month or $5 per month, whichever is greater and a $40 late fee added per month for each month past due on the account.


Cancellation. We ask our customers looking to discontinue lawn maintenance to provide a written termination notice seven (7) days before the termination date. This allows us the time to adjust our schedules for our lawn maintenance crews.


Legal. LawnScapes of Billings LLC will furnish labor, material, and equipment necessary to perform the services. LawnScapes of Billings LLC guarantees that it will perform all services in a workmanlike manner according to standard industry practices. Should the customer’s property be damaged by any failure of LawnScapes of Billings LLC to fulfill its obligation, LawnScapes of Billings LLC shall repair or replace such damaged property. LawnScapes of Billings LLC is not liable for any damage due to acts of nature or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the company.

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