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Why LawnScapes of Billings? Here's What You Receive:




We specialize in residential lawns in Billings and there are a couple of reasons why that is important to you.

Residential lawn care requires different equipment than large commercial properties.

We're not going to put a 2,000 lb zero-turn mower on your yard with a 72" deck that goes 15 mph just to cut your lawn 2 1/2 minutes faster. It tears up your yard, and over time creates heavy tire depressions and speeds up compaction in your lawn.

No Contracts


Tired of being locked into a contract for the whole season with a lawn care company who promises and promises but never delivers.


LawnScapes of Billings does not require you to sign any contract for lawn service to do business with us.

If you want to stop service, just say the word. We’re not going to threaten to take you to court or report you to some credit bureau like “those” companies that have you locked into a season-long lawn contract.




Unfortunately, many lawn care guys show up in front of your place with low-grade equipment hanging out the back of a rusted 91 Buick that’s missing a hubcap. He’s also wearing a stained tank top (or maybe no shirt at all), and ripped jeans with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

LawnScapes of Billings arrives in our logoed vehicles, utilizing professional equipment, dressed in professional uniforms while employing all the correct safety procedures. We also have a No Smoking policy for all of our employees.

Timely Service


Your party is on Saturday. Your lawn is schedule to be mowed on Friday. Your current lawn care service doesn't show and there is nothing more frustrating.

We get it. Which is exactly why LawnScapes of Billings show's up on schedule.




Tired of leaving checks under the front mat to get rained on, lost or not picked up for several days?

We offer a convenient, no-hassle credit card billing that is processed after a calendar month's worth of lawn service. This allows you peace of mind about the lawn bill so our customers can focus on more important things in their life.

Master Gardener



What is a Montana Master Gardener you might ask? The Master Gardener Program (Developed & Taught through the MSU Extension Offices) serves as an education and volunteer service organization. This program empowers individuals to implement sound horticultural practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment. People who have been through this program have a basic working knowledge of:

  • Introduction to Montana State University Extension and the Master Gardener program

  • Soils and fertility (N-P-K-Fe)

  • Plant growth and development

  • Vegetable gardening

  • Growing small fruit

  • Growing and caring for flowers

  • Landscape design

  • Trees, shrubs, vines, and pruning

  • Lawns and irrigation

  • Composting

  • Introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

LawnScapes of Billings crew leaders are certified Master Gardeners and are always willing to share knowledge on how best to accomplish yard related tasks, give helpful tips, or answer questions you may have to help improve your lawn and yard.

Consistent Quality


We double-check ALL aspects of our lawn care upon completion of your property. Our goal is to treat your lawn as if it was own. What that means is we will always strive to maintain your lawn to its best possible outcome.

Phones Answered


How many times have you called your lawn care guy only to leave a message that is not returned for days...if at all?

That is not how LawnScapes of Billings does business. Your phone call will be answered or returned quickly.

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